Is Your Physical Therapy Clinic Ready for ICD-10?

The ICD-ocalypse is here. But it doesn't have to be all doom and gloom. Arm yourself and your staff with the knowledge and skills you need to tackle ICD-10 using our stockpile of educational resources.

How do I prepare for the ICD-ocalypse?

Complete the following steps to ensure your practice enters this new era of disease classification with all the wherewithal of Brad Pitt in World War Z, all the bravery of Bruce Willis in Armageddon, and all the smarts of Jeff Goldblum in Independence Day. Only difference? This plot's for real, and we've got your back.

ICD-10 Factoids

What is ICD-10?

Created by the World Health Organization (WHO), ICD-10 is the tenth revision to the International Classification of Diseases.

How does it compare to ICD-9?

Whereas ICD-9 produces limited data about patients' medical conditions and inpatient hospital procedures, ICD-10 allows for much greater diagnostic specificity.

Why should I care?

All HIPAA-covered practitioners—regardless of whether they submit Medicare or Medicaid claims—must use ICD-10 diagnosis codes.

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ICD-10 is here.
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