ICD-10 Gift Guide

You’ve made your shopping list and checked it twice. But, lo and behold, you’ve got some healthcare professionals—whether they’re your clinic’s staff, your peers, or your doctorly family and friends—on your list, and you don’t have a clue as to what to get them. Fear not, my head-scratching shoppers! Healthcare professionals went through the biggest change since the Affordable Care Act this past October. It wasn’t an easy switch, but they got through it. Thus, it’s perfectly fitting—and funny—for you to gift them some ICD-10 merch this holiday season. Behold: the ICD-10 Holiday Gift Guide, crafted with care to help you find the perfect gift for every healthcare professional and medical biller/coder in your life.

ICD-10 Coffee Mugs

From an “ICD-10 Survivor” mug to an array of cups featuring specific codes (like struck by balls, burn due to water-skis on fire, and struck by turtle), there are many options out there for all the caffeine-guzzling docs and therapists in your life.   

ICD-10 Apparel

Nothing makes for a great conversation starter like a bizarre medical diagnosis code illustrated on a comfy t-shirt. Check out these ones from Zazzle: other superficial bite (i.e., vampires), walked into a lamppost, and bitten by squirrel. Want something warmer for those chilly winter months? Go for a spacecraft crash pullover.

ICD-10 Art and Games

ICD-10 Illustrated—the brilliant folks behind Struck by Orca—is an amazing website whose team has been working to add some levity to the otherwise super-serious diagnosis coding transition. They’ve created several items that are perfect for gift-giving:

ICD-10 Wall Art
Image from ICD10illustrated.com

The Packaging

Once you’ve nabbed your ICD-10 gift, it’s time to wrap it—and what better way to encapsulate your present than with bitten by squirrel wrapping paper. Once you’ve sealed the gift and tied it with a bow, add one final touch: an ICD-10 holiday greeting card.


Ta-da! You now have a wealth of gift ideas for every medical professional on your holiday shopping list. Now, you just need to worry about your enigmatic great aunt.