The Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) published the findings from their most recent ICD-10 readiness survey and the results are, well, scary. According to Jeff Wood in this ICD-10 Hub blog post summarizing the findings, the researchers found that “less than 10% of physician practices have made significant progress toward preparing for the upcoming conversion to ICD-10.” While this demonstrates an improvement from MGMA’s June 2013 survey, it’s not much.

For physicians, one of the issues may very well be their EHR. The survey found that:

  1. Most (almost 87%) need to—or already had to—upgrade or replace their EHR software to use the new codes. Almost 37% have/had to cover the cost—$12,885 per full-time physician.
  2. Only about 8% have started internal ICD-10 testing with their EHR vendor.

It’s not just MDs who are less than raring to go. Wood writes that “almost 60% of the 570 medical groups polled had not heard from their payers about when end-to-end testing would begin” and “nearly 50% [of respondents] had not received a testing date from their clearinghouse.” Despite the results of this readiness survey, there’s been no news about another transition date delay—although I’m sure many providers and payers were hoping that would be the case.

So what does this mean for PTs, OTs, and SLPs? We’ll, it means it’s a great time to be a therapist. Although the transition to ICD-10 may not be a total picnic, you’ve got a lot less to worry about than your physician counterparts. For starters, your EMR implementation costs are a fraction of that frightening figure above. And you don’t have to demonstrate meaningful use this year in addition to making the transition to the new super specific coding set. And that means you and your team can focus solely on learning—and implementing—the new codes. And if you’re a WebPT Member—or plan to become one—you have an EMR that will ensure everything is working smoothly well before the transition deadline. Plus, all of our billing software partners are ready (or almost ready), too. Some—like Therabill and Medisoft—are already accepting ICD-10 codes (along with their ICD-9 counterparts) and most—including CollaborateMD, AdvancedMD, and Kareo—participated in Medicare’s ICD-10 Testing Week to verify their own ICD-10 readiness.

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